Men Don’t Tell is a 1993 American made-for-television drama film

Starring Peter Strauss and Judith Light. It was directed by Harry Winer. The film first aired on CBS network on March 14, 1993.

The film was based on the true story of a loving husband who is terrorized by the violent behavior of his wife.

The original broadcast of Men Don’t Tell was seen in 18.3 million homes, ranking third among the week’s prime time broadcast, behind ABC’s Home Improvement and CBS’s 60 Minutes. After the original airing, the film was never rebroadcast on over-the-air television, reportedly because it incurred the wrath of several women’s groups. However, the film was later shown a number of times on cable’s Lifetime network.In 1994, Peter Strauss was nominated for a Golden Globe award for “Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV”.

CBS was very high on the movie. They saw it as very high concept because it was one movie that hadn’t been done before. They turned out to be right, as it did very well. It did very well overseas as well. It was one of the highest-rated movies of the year. Out of some 300 two-hour movies, I think it was rated number four, so it did extremely well. A lot of the reaction was that people turned it on with the idea of just to watch a few minutes but ended up being compelled to watch the whole movie and feeling very differently by the time it was finished.”

A married man suffers horrific physical and verbal abuse at the hands of his wife as their marriage falls apart – only to find himself too afraid and embarrassed to report her to the authorities. Drama, starring Peter Strauss, Judith Light, Ashley Johnson and Michael Rand.

This movie shows another side to spousal abuse that not too many people thought is possible–the husband being abused and the wife the abuser.Unique among the many made-for-TV dramas about spousal abuse–most of which are about women victimized by men–Men Don’t Tell dramatizes the true story of a loving husband who is terrorized by the violent behavior of his wife.

鄐兒允鄍鄐 鄐眇元鄍鄐戈 鄐鄐賴元鄍 鄐鄐 鄐鄍 鄐詮鄐啤中 鄐鄐 鄐鄐 鄐鄐鄐鄍鄐 鄐桌,

鄐鄐擒介 鄐鄍 鄐戈鄐桌鄐嫩 鄐鄐戈尹鄍 鄐鄍鄐 鄐詮 鄐兒允鄍鄐 鄐舟鄐鄐 鄐嫩鄐戈冗鄍

鄐詮鄐鄐兒冗 鄐鄍鄐啤鄐鄐


If growing up means,
Witnessing your confusion,
I don’t want to grow up.

Take me back in the time,
Where you often lie about society.

I can see your wrinkles,
And your skin getting dry,
I can’t see you shattered 鄐桌冗鄐,
And i don’t wanna grow up.



鄐桌鄐啤 鄐鄐擒鄐 鄐詮 鄐鄐鄐耜 鄍鄐賴尹鄍鄐舟鄍,
鄐鄐 鄐鄍鄍鄍 鄐戈鄐啤 鄐能 鄐眇鄐舟凶鄐嗣鄍

鄐詮亢鄍鄐鄐舟什 鄐眇鄐眇元鄍 鄐鄐芹尹鄍 鄐鄐 鄐兒允鄍 鄐詮鄐戈冗,
鄐嫩鄐擒什鄍 鄐桌凶鄐耜鄐 鄐戈 鄐徇鄐耜冗 鄐嫩鄐 鄐芹什 鄐眇允 鄐兒允鄍 鄐詮鄐戈冗鄍

鄐詮鄐鄐兒冗 鄐鄍鄐啤鄐鄐


Created from a play on the word feminist, meninism is a movement focused on a mans side of gender equality. In short, it is a movement and group who oppose the alleged gender-based oppression of men, often in direct opposition of feminism.

The twitter icon for the meninist twitter @MeninistTweet.

Meninism got its start from a satirical twitter account. This account was meant to mock feminists and the way they presented themselves. Ti Balogun, one of the creators of the twitter, has since expressed regret over its inception. The Huffington Post stated in an interview with Balogun, though Balogun meant for the hashtag to spur meaningful discussion, it soon devolved into some remarkably sexist tweets (Clymer).

Misogynistic social media posts are now the norm for this movement. The men and women who support meninism believe that feminism has overstepped its boundaries and has created an oppressive environment for men. Their culture is focused on voicing their opinions on social media and harassing anyone who opposes them.

Will post more on this soon. Working on this for my dissertation.



The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode,

BUT the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.

It is the caring that she lovingly give,

the passion that she shows,

The beauty of a woman grows,

with the passing years.



I am strong and i know that. I need not prove this to anybody. We always got strangled between two thoughts one what we like and second what our dear society embrace.

SANJANA stands for-
Sun always rise no matter what,
And sea continue to flow,
Never give up at your dreams,
Just try to give your best,
And be what your real side is,
No matter what this society think,
All that matter is your happiness.



Everyone have some desires,
But nobody cares about the desires of Prostitute,
They are the victim of social circumstances.

Nobody like to be called by their name,
Because they are not the part of fame.
Yet men’s sleep with them at night,
Smelling there flesh gives them delight.

I spit the way this society refutes,
Because nobody is born prostitute.
I want them to breath and be alive,
They are like the dead aside.

Why this world is so blind,
No one can see the pain in their eyes.
They don’t even have a Virgin heart,
Its been torn apart.

For love came down and bought them with a price,
Showed the beautiful meaning of sacrifice.
The blood of the lamb cleansed and restored their impure soul,
An enough reason that make them whore.

They are like the body without soul,
They are like a night with no moon.
They have desires to be free from this bounded society,
They have desires to live in the modernity,


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